Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Grady Joe!

That's Right, see, I did not forget!
Look who is 4! 
... and he is sooo excited!

We had lots of fun on Grady's Birthday weekend.
Grammie and Dada came to visit and I have realized we did not take any photos with them... but really, they were here!
Since Halloween, Grady has wanted an Indiana Jones cake...
Let's hear it for Publix!
I know it's a weird shape... these are called baby cakes.. it is half of the smallest sheet cake. 
We love their cakes... we just cannot eat that much... even with 7 of us, I threw 1/2 away.
Fork in hand, ready to pounce!
And, yes I am pretty sure Grant tried to help blow out the candle!
By the way, that boulder has been the biggest hit... with Robin!
Earlier in the day, after Todd Jr's soccer game, we headed down to Pier Park.
We walked for a few minutes, then we went across the street to the beach.
Grady took off his shoes, rolled up his jeans as high as they would go and promptly proceeded to...
fall in...
And smiling the whole time!
Happy Birthday Grady Joe!

I cannot believe it has been 4 years.
I am sure I have told you before, but never in my life have I felt as much relief as the first moment he cried!
I loved him from the moment I knew I was pregnant, but I know I kept trying to keep myself somewhat detached.  I refused, almost to the point of panic for any sort of baby shower, and the only thing we bought was a combo stroller (the one with the car seat) before he was born... so we would be able to bring him home.  I am pretty sure, we did not even buy any diapers!
Because of my emergency C-Section with Esme, Grady also had to come that way (needless to say, I was disappointed, but not willing to take the chance of something going wrong).
It was a very special experience, Todd and I were blessed to have Donna, Dr. Brickler, Sharon (our Friend and L&D nurse who sat with us for hours, never leaving our side, the day we had Esme) and John (our anesthesiologist) with us... all who had been there for Esme's birth. 
When they yanked Grady out, what was probably less than a milisecond, seemed like an eternity.... oh how he cried... a sound that had not been present my previous trip to that operating room.
I don't think there was a dry eye in the place... I remember Todd beaming and hearing Sharon say "He looks just like his Big Brother!" and her mask covered, no, drenched in tears.
We have come a long way since that day and Todd and I have been blessed to be part of his life!
MMMM, Yummy!
We love you so much Grady Joe thanks for all the love and laughs!

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